New blog for Three Little Kittens

The store is now officially open. The new blog is here:

Three Little Kittens

And my inworld store is here.


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Daily Camp Best Catch!

I caught a BIIIIIIIIG turtle yesterday, it even has palm trees and coconuts on its back!

Island Turtle

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Whaaaa! Tons of new fish!

Whaaa, you run out of bait for two weeks or so, and what happens when you come back?
TONS of 7Seas new fish!

I just caught an UltraRare Shift Venom Fish. I want more!!!

Shift Venom Fish

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Three Little Kittens

Well, I’ve made some clothes for the Kids5B event, and it made me want to start a clothing store. It’s going to be costumes and stuff for kids, and, well, it’s not open yet.

I’ll probably open in August 🙂 I’ve already got a logo, a name, two outfits (they’re hidden in one of the Kids5B sims), and possibly a place. Here’s the type of things I make:

Hansel outfit

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Kids5B ? SL5B ?

I’m digging a tunnel and building a bridge for the Kids5B exhibit.
What’s going to happen now, now that child groups exhibits are welcome again on SL5B? We won’t have two sims to play with, that’s for sure.

At that stage of the project, I think the best things they could do is move the Kids5B sims right by the SL5B ones.

June 3, 2008 at 11:50 pm 2 comments

NeoRealms Tournament #1743 in Anaquad

Can you believe it? I finished 2nd! I finally got a teddy bear. 🙂 I got a lot of bad casts, and also quite a few big ones — a Mudkip, in particular, who helped me secure my second place towards the end. I was even 1st for a while!

Final Scores

#1 KaliCat Kennedy 2308 pts
#2 Wilde Tomcat 2231 pts
#3 Carol1313 Greenwood 2122 pts
BC Uber Tolsen 125 pt Chinese Box Turtle

No pic, ’cause I was tired.

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Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration

Sad day
I’m a new member of the SL Children community. I’m slowly discovering what roleplaying a child in SL means and entails. It’s, mostly, relaxing and fun, and an excellent way of coping with a stressful RL job. Thus said, I know I’m missing a lot of fun opportunities, as I don’t know many other kids yet.

That’s why I was looking forward SLC’s build for this year’s SL Birthday Celebration.

May 31, 2008 at 4:40 am 3 comments

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