Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration

May 31, 2008 at 4:40 am 3 comments

Sad day
I’m a new member of the SL Children community. I’m slowly discovering what roleplaying a child in SL means and entails. It’s, mostly, relaxing and fun, and an excellent way of coping with a stressful RL job. Thus said, I know I’m missing a lot of fun opportunities, as I don’t know many other kids yet.

That’s why I was looking forward SLC’s build for this year’s SL Birthday Celebration.

I couldn’t make it to the meetings Loki organized, as I was sound asleep at that time, and as I’m also extremely busy at the moment anyway. Otherwise, I’d have gladly helped.

It seems unfortunately that kids avatars won’t be welcome this year :
Loki’s post
Marianne’s post

I’m disappointed.
All the grown-up avatars I have met on the grid have been very nice and correct to me, apart from one obvious griefer whom I ARed because of what he shouted in a kids mall. I am not under the impression that SL children are disliked, or thought of as, hmm, “ageplayers” (the sexual meaning). Maybe it’s just in the fishing community, I don’t know. It seems to be very kid-friendly, especially in the 7Seas community.

SL5B would have been a great opportunity to show that SL children are not more evil than a robot, a goldfish, a jaguar… a blob… or a grown-up av are. I hope this won’t scare any child into switching into a grown-up avie. That would be very, very sad.


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