Squid day

This was very squiddy 7seas fishing contest. I fished lots of squids, and managed a good third place.
Squid hats
Thanks to Merina for the cool hat!


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Lucky charm

I’ve caught the Extremely Rare Lucky Charm, and got rewarded by… uh… 2XP! 😀 That rocks, lol!
Lucky Charm

I checked my stats, and I’m proud that I haven’t all that much left to catch in the Large and Medium categories, and none in the Small one:

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Magic Paperboat

I went for a cool trip on a paperboat!
The Tunnel of Light is one of the Rezzable sims. The place is good for tea-loving astronoms, and also great for taking self-portraits:
Silhouette :p

I’ve put together a little album on Snapzilla, but seriously, you’d better go visit the place first, and *then* look at my pics! I’d hate to spoil the magic of the first visit!


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Fishing is a dangerous activity

Fishing is dangerous. Look:

Pygar almost had his nose cut off by a crab.
Dangerous crab

Later on, we all got squashed by a humongous pumpkin that I had just caught.
Dangerous pumpkin

Now I’m going to go for a swim. Wish me good luck! 😀

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Wilde Tomcat’s cat

The things you find sometimes… o.O

I'm in your ocean, eatin' your fishies!
So, this is my cat. I’ve named him Wilde Cat. He steals fish right from my hook, but I like him anyway.

It’s a 7Seas Super-Ultra-Rare, or SUR. The 7S fish is extra, I really can’t tell which one is my favourite!

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First merman!

I caught my first merfolk: the mohawk merman! He’s too funny.

My first merman!

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Mermaids! Yeehay!

Seven just announced that we’ll be able to fish mermaids from today on! I just can’t wait to get one 😀

I hope they’ll get along well with my scuba divers.

Me and my scuba divers

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